Hello world!

Hi everyone, I have been a sci-fi fan for all my life, perhaps one of the reasons I was in the high tech industry all my working life.  So, have you seen the movie by Robin Williams the Bicentennial Man? He played what today we call a service robot (or Butler Robot) and eventually became a person.  It’s available on Youtube so check it out.  Anyway, it was released in 1999 and even today still fascinates me as to what human/robot interface could look like.  I also like Short Circuit Johnny5 from awhile back.

Most of the sci-fi films nowadays fear the rise of AI/Robotics to our human extinction and there are some truth to it.   We do have to be careful in our advances into the new era and keep a good balance; but in the meantime, let’s have faith in humanity and enjoy what technology can bring to enhance our lives.

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