Welcome to SVRoboH.  This is the digital space for US consumers to learn about home robotics and home automation.  In order to have an opinion on home robotics, one need to first be well informed.  Since I am very interested in a world where robots are part of the family life, I thought to start accumulating information regarding this topic and share with all of you.

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Hi, since there are many robots still just look good on Youtube, and not yet available for purchase, I thought to start by discussing STEMbots, or maybe even STEM toys.  We will save till later the companion robots, communication robots, service robots, the humanoids, (and all the future ones still being designed….) till later.


Michael Chu is an accomplished business executive in the high tech industry.  He is envisioning a world with home robots and smart home automation.  And since resources are still scarce on how to choose your home robot, he dedicated this website Triteck.com to guide you to be an informed consumer.

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Hello world!

Hi everyone, I have been a sci-fi fan for all my life, perhaps one of the reasons I was in the high tech industry all my working life.  So, have you seen the movie by Robin Williams the Bicentennial Man? He played what today we call a service robot (or Butler Robot) and eventually became …


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